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  1. ADA Compliance 

    1. ADA Compliance Module
    2. Activating the Vision Helper Tool
    3. Adding Alternative Text to Images
    4. Adding an Advisory Title when Creating Hyperlinks
    5. Adding ADA complaints link
  2. Alumni 

    1. Using the Alumni Module (with video)
  3. Athletics 

    1. Using the Athletics Module (with video)
  4. Building Information 

    1. Complete Building Management Training Video
    2. Adding/Modifying Building Details Video
    3. Adding Building Alerts Training Video
    4. Adding Building News Training Video
    5. Adding Building Forms & Links Training Video
  5. Bully Reports Module 

    1. Harrasment/Bully Report - Live site
    2. Harrasment/Bully Report CMS site
    3. Receiving Harrassment/Bully Notifications
  6. Calendar Feeds 

    1. Microsoft 365steps for calendar Sync
    2. Google Calendar Feeds Training (with video)
    3. Rschools Calendar Sync
  7. District & Building Functions 

    1. Adding a News Article to Facebook (with video)
    2. New File Manager for Building and District Users (with video)
    3. "Edit This Page" Button on Live Website (with video)
    4. Adding and Modifying Social Media Links/Buttons (with video)
  8. District Information 

    1. Complete District Management Training Video
    2. Adding District News Training Video
    3. Adding District Forms/Links Training Video
    4. Adding District Events Training Video
    5. Adding District Photo Galleries Training Video
  9. E-Communication 

    1. Using the Communications Module (with video)
  10. E-Survey Module 

    1. Using the eSurvey Module (with video)
  11. FMS - Facilities Management System 

    1. FMS Manual
    2. Options Overview
    3. Ticket Types (Super Types and Types)
    4. Ticket Request
    5. Resource Types
  12. Formality 

    1. Formality Homepage Overview
    2. Creating a Formality Form
    3. Content Management System (CMS) and Formality Integration
  13. General Information 

    1. CMS Manual
    2. Adding a PDF or document to the website
    3. Embedding Twitter Feed
    4. IFrame a PDF
  14. Intranet 

    1. Using the Intranet Module (with video)
    2. Activating your Intranet log in
  15. LMS - Learning Management System 

    1. Staff & Student Login
    2. Adding Staff Members
    3. Adding a Student
    4. Importing Students
    5. Exporting Students
  16. Mobile App 

    1. District Mobile App Administration Training Video
    2. Building Mobile App Administration Training Video
    3. How to download the Stay Connected Group App
  17. Redirects 

    1. Website Redirects Module
  18. Security 

    1. Using the Security Module (with video)
    2. Manage Assigned Building Access
    3. Group Permissions
    4. Audit Reporting
  19. Staff Module 

    1. Using the Staff Module (with video)
  20. Support Only 

    1. How to Hyperlink
  21. Teacher Webpages 

    1. Complete Teacher Webpage Training Video
    2. Activating your Teacher Webpage
    3. Adding bio and degree information to your staff profile
    4. Adding a Classroom & Pages/Sub pages
    5. Using the File Manager for Teacher Webpages
  22. URL's 

    1. New URL's for pages
  23. Video Library 

    1. Uploading a video to the video library (with video)
  24. All articles 

    1. Uploading a video to the video library (with video)
    2. Using the Communications Module (with video)
    3. Using the eSurvey Module (with video)
    4. Using the Alumni Module (with video)
    5. Using the Staff Module (with video)
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