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Activating your Intranet log in

If you have already registered for a Teacher Webpage or already have a CMS password, you will not need to register. Simply enter your user name and password into the Intranet login area.

If you are a new user, go to the bottom of your district website and click on the Intranet login button.

Click the "New User" link below the login button.

Enter your school e-mail address in the box provided and click "Send Email". You will receive a message at the top stating "an email has been sent with your login credentials" or "you are not a valid user of the online classroom, please contact your webmaster to be added to the permitted staff list." If you are not a valid user, please contact your district webmaster so your name and e-mail address may be added to the website staff directory.

Check your e-mail for a message from your school district. In this message you will see your username (e-mail address) and your temporary password.

Go back to the CMS Login page and enter the information that was sent in the e-mail. Click "login".

You will be asked to enter the temporary password sent in the e-mail and create a new password. Passwords do not have any requirements.

After changing your password you can now log into the Intranet. 

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