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Static Lists

Click on the Lists tab and then select the Create Contact List button. Static lists consist of contacts that were manually added to this list. You can add individuals to this list with a CSV, one by one, or folks can Opt In to these lists with a link or with an Opt-In code (see instructions below). This list will not automatically update, it updates as you add people or remove people. To add contacts to this list, see the Adding Contacts: Individually and the Adding Contacts: CSV File section.

Public Subscribe with URL

You can create an Opt In link with static lists. Once you enter the list name and add the description (if desired), click save and a Public Subscribe URL is created. You can send this link out for people to subscribe to receive this information.

Public Subscribe with Opt-In Code

You can provide an Opt In text code to allow people to register to receive SMS text messages for a specific list. To set this up, add your code to the Opt-In space provided and click save. To Opt-In, contacts can text the code to this number 833-452-3291. Your code must be unique and can only be used once globally.

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