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Embedding Facebook Feed

Here are the steps for adding the facebook widget.

1. Go to this link

https://developers.facebo ←

2. Where it says Facebook Page URL add in the schools URL for their facebook page.

3. Uncheck the Show Friend's Faces

4. Do not add a height or a width

5. Scroll down to where it says Get Code.

6. Copy first box of code and then go to the website to the building and then the featured content section and edit the Facebook Featured Content page

7. Click on the Source tab in the editor

8. Paste the first set of code in the box and then enter down, then go back to the facebook code and get the second set of code and paste below the first one.

9. Save the page. 

**If your feed is not populating please check your security/privacy settings. Make sure the privacy settings in country is set to allow all**

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