Using the Alumni Module (with video)

On the Alumni module you have a few options with getting information to Alumni’s that have signed up.
1. You can send out e-mails to those that have signed up for the Alumni
2. Post News articles
3. Post Reunion Information
4. You can export out list so that you can pull all Alumni info.
Whenever someone has signed up as Alumni they must be approved in order to be searchable on the live site.

Reunion Announcements
Allows you to add announcements about upcoming reunions that are planned.

Alumni News articles
This is a place where you can place articles that are associated with Alumni’s and important info just for them.
You will need to do the following steps.
1. Enter start and end dates
2. Add a header title
3. Sub-header is a brief overview of what the article will be about.
4. News content is where you can add your full article with images, links, videos and so on.

Alumni E-Contacts
This area allows you to send out e-mails to specific classes or all alumni’s
You will need to do the following
1. Add a subject
2. Enter your message
3. Select year(s) or all classes
4. Send e-mail


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