Using the Staff Module (with video)

When adding a staff member you will click on Add New Staff Member.

When creating a new staff member you Need to make sure to add the following
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. E-mail address- this is what they will use to log in.
The rest of the information can be added once the user has logged in and can add the additional info.
Once complete then SAVE.
The next tab by Basic Info is a section they can add their Qualifications such as where they went to school and the degrees they might have.

The assignments is where you will add them to specific buildings or departments.
They can be assigned to multiple buildings by selecting the location and SAVE

The Security tab will allow you to go in and select what permissions you would like that user to be able to have. 

The delete button will delete them from your system.
Editing a user you will simple search there name within the Staff module and make any changes that you may need too. If adding or removing a staff member from a building you will go to Assignments and add or remove the specific building.

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