Harrasment/Bully Report CMS site

Once a Harassment/Bully Report has been submitted you will go to the  CMS home and under the black box called Bully Report you will click the box which will then show all reports that have been submitted.

You will then click on the view tab to see the submitted report.
Here you will see all info submitted about the incident.

You will then be able to click on status to show what status this incident is in. Options will be:
Created, Opened, Assigned, Closed,
Closed- Harassment, Closed- Bullying, Closed- Intimidation,
Closed- Unconfirmed.

You will also see Reporter Information which will be the info of reporter such as name, address, email, phone #. They can submit this anonymously which in that case with just show a IP address and no other contact info.

You will also have a notes tab which will allow you to add any notes to the incident.

You also can export the incident report to have a paper copy with all info.

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