Adding Staff Members

To add a new staff member you will click on the Staff Icon/link on the left side of
the page. You will then click on Add.
1. Enter Last Name
2. Enter First Name
3. Email address for staff member
4. What school(s) they are a teacher within
5. Check the box for if they should be a LMS admin or enter their school name if they should just be a LMS school Admin of that school
6. Save
Once a staff member is saved, you will need to confirm the staff member by either searching for a staff member and clicking on the check box in the top left corner of their profile area, and clicking send confirmations, or selecting a whole school and sending confirmations to all staff that has not confirmed their email yet.

** A staff member has 7 days to accept the confirmation. If they have not
confirmed in 7 days you will need to resend the confirmation.

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