DNS Configuration FAQ

My website is working, why do I need to make these changes?

The SchoolPointe hosting platform is constantly being improved to maximize redundancy, reliability and performance.  A recent review of our customers’ DNS configurations indicated that a handful of customers are not configured to take advantage of these features.  In order to ensure all reliability features are available to all customers, we are requesting that those customers update their DNS records.

If I delete a domain in my DNS health dashboard, can it be re-added?

Absolutely!  Any domain name with properly configured DNS can easily  be added or re-added to your school’s site at any time, simply send an email to support@schoolpointe.com with the domain name add request.

Is there a deadline for these changes?

March 31st, 2018.  Of course, we are happy to work with customers who require more time to complete these updates, as well as provide support to those customers who need assistance making these changes.

What happens if I do not make the requested changes?

After March 31st, 2018, any domains with configuration issues will be removed from service.  An additional notification will be sent out through your site’s admin panel before any domains are removed.  Domains removed from service can be re-added any time by sending an email to support@schoolpointe.com

I already have an A record for the domain listed, why do I need to change it and/or add others?

One tool we use to achieve improved redundancy, reliability and performance is DNS failover.  If your DNS health page indicates that you need to create or delete one or more A type DNS records, it is to provide an increased level of redundancy for your root hostnames using DNS failover.

I already have a CNAME record the domain listed that ends in schools.bz.  Why do I need to delete it and create a new one?

In order to troubleshoot issues quickly, and migrate to upgraded hosting platforms without the need for additional DNS changes by our customers, we employ a standard naming convention for our customer CNAME records.  Doing so ensures consistency and unique identification of each customer account.  The convention for CNAME records is constructed of a customer unique name and that customer’s home state.  An example of properly configured CNAME records for a school in Example County, KY would be www.examplecntyschs.ky.schools.bz

If your DNS health page indicates that you need to create or delete one or more CNAME type DNS records, it is because the current CNAME record does not conform to this convention, or does not exist.

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