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Latest Updates 4/14/16

We recently add the following updates to the CMS of the website

1. Responsive CMS 
         This will allow any user to update the website from any mobile device when logged into the CMS
          Click here to see show the new look of the CMS and how it works. 

2. Edit from the live site when logged into the CMS. 
          If you are logged into the website and go out to the live site you will then see at the top of this page the option to edit this page. This allows a user to choose and edit that page without having to look in the CMS. It will take them straight to the page to edit.

3. Favorites/Recently View
          Once logged into the CMS in the middle section now you will see the Favorites and Most Recently View options. On any page that you frequently update you will now see on the right top corner a star. If you click on that star it will then be tagged to your favorites area. You can tag up to 10 pages. 
           Most Recently Viewed will list the page you have went to most recently and allow you to click on the title and take you to the page. 
            This cuts down on the amount of time for users to access individual sections of the website.

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