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  1. "Edit This Page" Button on Live Website (with video)

  2. Accessibility Checker

  3. Activating the Vision Helper Tool

  4. Activating your Intranet log in

  5. Activating your Teacher Webpage

  6. ADA - Additional info to share with your staff

  7. ADA Compliance Module

  8. ADA Compliant Website Checker - WAVE Tool

  9. Adding a Classroom & Pages/Sub pages

  10. Adding a Header Gallery Training Video

  11. Adding a Job Posting/Employment Module Video

  12. Adding a News Article to Facebook (with video)

  13. Adding a PDF or document to the website

  14. Adding a Principal's Message Training Video

  15. Adding a Profile Picture to a Staff Profile

  16. Adding a Student

  17. Adding a Superintendent's Message Training Video

  18. Adding ADA complaints link

  19. Adding Alternative Text to Images

  20. Adding an Advisory Title when Creating Hyperlinks

  21. Adding and Editing Schools

  22. Adding and Managing the Blog area

  23. Adding and Modifying Social Media Links/Buttons (with video)

  24. Adding Assignments

  25. Adding bio and degree information to your staff profile

  26. Adding Building Alerts Training Video

  27. Adding Building Course Offerings Training Video

  28. Adding Building Events Training Video

  29. Adding Building Forms & Links Training Video

  30. Adding Building News Training Video

  31. Adding Building Photo Galleries Training Video

  32. Adding Content Pages Training Video

  33. Adding Content Pages Training Video

  34. Adding Content Pages Training Video

  35. Adding District Alerts Training Video

  36. Adding District Events Training Video

  37. Adding District Forms/Links Training Video

  38. Adding District News Training Video

  39. Adding District Photo Galleries Training Video

  40. Adding Header Galleries Training Video

  41. Adding Lunch Menus to a school page

  42. Adding Newsletters Information/Training Video

  43. Adding School Closings/Delays Video

  44. Adding School/Student Achievements

  45. Adding Staff Members

  46. Adding Workshops Training Video

  47. Adding/Changing Featured Content Training Video

  48. Adding/Editing a Class

  49. Adding/Modifying Building Details Video

  50. Adding/Using Navigation Training Video

  51. Audit Reporting

  52. Building Mobile App Administration Training Video

  53. Buildings

  54. Chromebooks slow load time

  55. CMS Manual

  56. Complete Building Management Training Video

  57. Complete District Management Training Video

  58. Complete Teacher Webpage Training Video

  59. Content Management System (CMS) and Formality Integration

  60. Creating a Blog

  61. Creating a Formality Form

  62. Creating a Post in Classes

  63. Creating an Event

  64. Creating Anchors

  65. Creating Resources

  66. District Mobile App Administration Training Video

  67. DNS Configuration FAQ

  68. Easily preview your Teacher Webpage changes

  69. Embedding Twitter Feed

  70. Exporting Students

  71. FMS Manual

  72. Formality Homepage Overview

  73. Google Calendar Feeds Training (with video)

  74. Group Permissions

  75. Harrasment/Bully Report - Live site

  76. Harrasment/Bully Report CMS site

  77. How to add a News Article

  78. How to download the Stay Connected Group App

  79. How to Hyperlink

  80. IFrame a PDF

  81. Importing Students

  82. Importing Users into the FMS from the CMS

  83. Knowledge Base

  84. Latest Updates 4/14/16

  85. Making your Microsoft Office/PDF documents accessible

  86. Making Your Website Accessible for the Visually Impaired

  87. Manage Assigned Building Access

  88. Message Bodies

  89. Microsoft 365steps for calendar Sync

  90. New Department Navigation

  91. New File Manager for Building and District Users (with video)

  92. New SchoolPointe CMS Login

  93. New URL's for pages

  94. Options Overview

  95. Organization

  96. PDF 508 Checklist

  97. Phone # & Fax # to show in the footer

  98. Profile

  99. Receiving Harrassment/Bully Notifications

  100. Reports

  101. Resource Requests

  102. Resource Types

  103. Rschools Calendar Sync

  104. Secondary content in Content Pages Training Video

  105. Staff & Student Login

  106. Staff My Files

  107. Student My Files

  108. Students Viewing & Commenting on Posts

  109. Ticket Request

  110. Ticket Types (Super Types and Types)

  111. Ticketing System

  112. Updating Student Profile

  113. Uploading a video to the video library (with video)

  114. Uploading Captions to a Video

  115. Useful links for Navigation Areas - Buildings

  116. Useful links to Navigation areas - District

  117. Users and Groups

  118. Using Admin Departments Training Video

  119. Using Navigation Training Video

  120. Using Site Settings

  121. Using the Alumni Module (with video)

  122. Using the Athletics Module (with video)

  123. Using the Board of Education Module Video

  124. Using the Communications Module (with video)

  125. Using the eSurvey Module (with video)

  126. Using the File Manager for Teacher Webpages

  127. Using the Intranet Module (with video)

  128. Using the Security Module (with video)

  129. Using the Staff Module (with video)

  130. Using the Teacher Webpage classroom features (Announcements, Assignments, etc.)

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